Family gossip fueled my earliest interests in storytelling. With a huge extended family, someone was always:

  • getting in/out of trouble, (bad grades, pilfering, ignoring chores, talking back, etc.)
  • having a baby, (guaranteed to upset the balance of life)
  • spending too much money, (in the opinions of the “womenfolk”)
  • drinking too much, (usually at family get-togethers or at all-Saturday-afternoon Canasta games)
  • lying (and forever getting caught)
  • cheating (never called “having an affair”)
  • dying (which did not protect the decedent from gossip).

Indeed, I learned a lot about human psychology from eavesdropping and from reading—since before birth if you believe my mother. Bored in grade school, I started writing—on politically incorrect Big Chief tablets with yellow #2 pencils. (Got me in trouble with the teacher and with the family gossips).

Today, no matter what I write—romantic suspense, psychological thrillers, or paranormal romance, family always plays a big influence in the story. And like all families, my stories have their share of misfits—some funny, some stuffy, some downright scary.

Characters in WEIRd MAgIC, my new paranormal romance trilogy, run the misfit gamut. Which made the books a hoot to write. Whether you’ve read The Wizard of Oz, I love the idea of getting Dorothy’s great-great-great granddaughter together with a handsome, sexy warlock, the Uncrowned King of All Right-Thinking Witches and Warlocks in the Twenty-First Century.

I love writing romance because no matter the trials and tribulations of characters next door or witches and warlocks next door, I have to figure out a way to happy ever after. And sometimes, I throw in some weird humor.

Like most readers, I read almost anything. I also write across genres: Romantic Comedy, Romantic Suspense, Dark, Psychological Thrillers and Paranormal Romance. Be sure to check out my other pen names and books:

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